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The Raw Market

Fueling the workforce of the Industrial Park.

At numnumVA – Mobile Market Café, we aspire to fuel the workforce of Copeland Industrial Business Park and surrounding communities with unique, wholesome, & diet aware food and beverage. We will serve breakfast and lunch, offering quick bites and particularly focused on fresh, local produce and goods. We aspire to have something natural, and filling for a low, reasonable price that is highly competitive with the surrounding fast food chains. We will use local, seasonal goods to serve varieties of wraps, burritos, crepes, & kabobs, along with many fun daily specials. We will serve the best local roasted coffees and support local tea merchants to provide a great start to the day! We will offer pre-made/ pre-packed breakfast and lunches for those early on the go, and offer catering for those companies with crews in the field, working without adequate means of a nutritious or diet-conscience meal within a reasonable distance from their site.

We see Copeland Business Industrial Park in NEED of proper, wholesome food and beverage. It drives us to focus our every move specifically to those needs, as we realize that if we can promote change in cuisine here and prosper within the community, than it can be done for all in Hampton Roads. We look to host a number of events & rallies in the area that would bring together the many businesses & family members of Copeland Industrial Park to network and engage after hours. Our event menus will vary slightly but our culture will remain the same! We are solely about community building & providing good energy to everyone who joins us for a meal, snack or beverage.

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